Hair Stretching How To

There are many ways out there to stretch your natural hair and loosen your curls and even get it ready for straightening. Listed below, we have combined a few for you to try:

#1: Braiding – While your hair is still wet, apply a leave-in conditioner and an oil that will soak into your hair easily. Braid your hair in medium sections (4-6 sections) when it is still damp. Pin the braids from the back to the front, and from the front to the back. Let your hair dry, and when it is dry un-braid and style.

#2: Bunning – Start your hair with wet detangled hair and apply a leave-in conditioner. Divide your hair into two sides down the middle. Brush your hair from the edges and back to the tips with a boar bristles brush. Tie each side into two low twisted buns and allow your hair to air dry.

#3: Banding – Divide detangled wet hair into about 8-10 sections, more depending on the amount of hair you have. Apply hair bands (the cloth covered type used for ponytails) about one inch apart along the length of the section. Braid or twist your hair and allow it to air dry.

#4: Two Strand Twists – Hair can be wet or dry for this process. Divide hair into sections and apply a hair butter to each section. Once the butter is applied, proceed to divide the sections into two strands and twist hair. Avoid using curl enhancing creams and choose butters like shea or avocado to reduce shrinkage when styling.

#5: Blow Drying – start with damp, detangled hair and divide it into small sections. Use your blow dryer on low to medium heat setting. Use a comb to comb your hair while chasing the comb with the blow dryer. The comb provides the tension on your hair so that the heat can penetrate the curls easier.

#6: Double Stretching – First bun or band your wet hair per instructions above. Once your hair is dry, braid into sections and leave overnight to set for best results.


Just a few Natural Hair Care Hints & Tips brought to you by Green Hair Revolution.

“It’s a Revolution don’t you know? A Green Hair Revolution!”

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