Natural Hair Care Tips and Hints (Hair Loss & Thinning, Things My Mother Taught Me)

Natural Remedies for Hair Loss: “things my mother taught me”

Are you experiencing hair loss or thinning hair? Then follow some of these methods to fix some of your problems and get your hair back to it’s healthy state.

1st: First let’s start where the grows at the scalp. Taught to me by my mother, who swore by this, a simple way to encourage hair growth is with a scalp massage. It’s so easy and you can even do it at home! Scalp massages help nutrients get to your follicles faster and increase blood flow to the scalp while enhancing the strength of your roots. Try adding a nourishing oil like jojoba, which has been used for hundreds of years by Native Americans to grow and moisturize hair. Jojoba oil can be added directly to the scalp for massages.

2nd: Another natural remedy for thinning hair from my mother was the egg mask. Yolk and ALL! I remember her putting the egg mixture on her hair and then putting on a plastic cap to allow it to condition and penetrate the hair. Eggs are great, because they contain proteins that help to nourish, heal, and strengthen the hair strands. (there is an easy egg mask recipe at the bottom)

3rd: One more hair growth aid from my mother was actually conveniently growing on her windowsill in the kitchen: Aloe Vera. The Aloe Vera plant is perfect at naturally fighting anything related to body and hair. It has been used to clean pores and balance pH levels. However, everyone doesn’t know that it is also good at preventing hair loss. A great way to use it is to add 2 tablespoons to your shampoo when washing your hair.

Quick Aloe Mix

1 tablespoon of aloe gel

coconut milk

1/2 teaspoon wheat germ

:: Mix together and rub all over your head.


Egg Mask

1 tsp. of Honey

1 tsp. of Olive oil

1 egg

:: Mix together to form a smooth paste. Apply paste all over hair and leave on for 20 minutes. Rinse with cool water and apply shampoo. Rinse thoroughly after washing and begin to feel the difference.


this article is dedicated to a mother’s wisdom and to my own mother, Lydia Early. I love you mom, always!

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