Healthy Senior Hair Care

Fresh, clean, well kept hair is an important part of your senior parents hygiene and health, but washing your senior parent’s hair can become a confrontation, especially if they are coping with cognitive or memory challenges that can make them resistant to this task or even bathing in general. The care of a senior parents’ hair may be a challenge, but making sure it stays clean plays an important part in keeping them feeling good, looking good, and resisting sickness. One way to get ahead of the game is by being prepared with approaches and techniques to simplify the process, or at least make it more appealing to your senior parent. This can help you keep your parents elder care plan moving forward with much less stress.

Here are some tips for keeping your elderly parents hair so fresh and so clean, clean:

#1: Limit Washings – You may think that hair needs washing every day, however facts are that most people only need to wash their hair once or twice a week and depending on the hair type, once every 2 weeks. In fact, it is likely that your mother only washed her hair once a week when she was younger, which was a common way to care for hair. If your elderly parents get nervous about hair washing, then it just make sense to cut down on the frequency of the washings and to instead focus on maybe brushing their teeth everyday or perhaps washing their face.

#2: Try Alternatives to Regular Traditional Washing – Cleanliness and a fresh smell can be achieved without having to use water or shampoos. This can be accomplished with dry shampoos, powders and foam that let you coat the hair with the cleansing product and brush it out. These products absorb oils and odors and loosen dead skin so you can clean this out of the hair. While you still need to do a traditional shampoo about every two weeks, using an alternative products like the foam every few days or so keeps your seniors hair cleaner.

#3: Make it a Treat – You know how special it is to feel pampered, take the time to make hair washing an opportunity to give your senior parent(s) that same special feeling. So instead of just making the washing of hair about getting their hair clean, make it about making them feel good. Plan a special trip to the beauty salon or barber and let your senior parent(s) enjoy the pampering of getting their hair washed, dried, and even styled. If your elderly parents are unable to get out of the home to go to the salon or barber, find a professional who is willing to make house calls.

#4: Use Someone Other Than Yourself – Some seniors might show resistance to cooperating with their adult children when it comes to things like bathing, hair washing, and grooming. They might however be more willing to cooperate with a professional caregiver. Having a caregiver handle this type of task can remove much of the emotional complications for seniors. This can give them a sense of professionalism that makes them more likely to comply.

#5: Separate it from BathingBathing is often stressful for seniors so try to avoid making it more difficult by removing hair washing from the equation. When giving your elderly parents a bath or shower make cleaning their bodies the focus and leave the hair alone. On another day use a bedside sink or a shampoo cap to wash their hair. They can even remain fully dressed for a more relaxing experience.


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