Healthy Lash Tips

We know that people will go to great, sometimes extreme lengths to get thicker, longer lashes. With all the hype surrounding lashes we decided that it was time to check out the best ways to help you keep yours healthy, long and beautiful! However you decide to wear and style your lashes, here are some hints and tips to help keep them looking on point!


#1: Clean Thoroughly and Gently – First and foremost, always be gentle when cleaning around eyes. Professionals recommend using a mild cleanser around eye area when it comes to removing makeup. It’s tempting to scrub your eyes, but being too harsh could result in damage. So whether you’re taking off waterproof mascara or simply cleansing your face, make sure to be gentle around the eyes. Your lashes will love you for it!


#2: Food and Vitamins – What you eat affects your whole body – including your eyelashes. Remember your body is all connected not just separate pieces. If you are well nourished, then your skin, hair and nails will be too. A diet rich in proteins, and includes Vitamins A, C, E, B and Biotin will help promote healthy skin, hair and nails. Because lashes are part of the hair on your body they also get the benefits of a healthy diet. You can also get a some help from supplements that contain iron (which has been shown to prevent hair loss) and an an amino acid found in keratin named L-cysteine, which strengthens the hair shaft, making it more resilient.

#3: Moisturize those Lashes – Yes, that’s right, we said recommend you moisturize those lashes. This has been done in many cultures around the world for eons. Our Lash Expert Tzz of Tzz’s Lashes suggest to apply a dab of lip balm on the tips (not the roots!) before turning in for the night. We promise your lashes will feel and look better in the morning!

#4: Products, What Are the Right Ones – When looking for that right mascara, there are many different types for many different looks. We suggest doing a little research and checking the reviews before buying any product for your eyes.

Remember our eyelashes are an important part of this beautiful form we call our body!


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