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Because at Green Hair Revolution we believe in being fair. We decided that since we talked about lashes, that our brows needed the same respect. So here are our hints and tips from the professionals on a few brow basics, for you to check out before altering those Arches.


#1: Brow Skin Care – Many times we forget that under our brows there is skin, and that skin can sometimes need special treatment. Factors like dry skin in this area can leave your arches patchy and sparse. One way to treat dry brow skin and brow dandruff recommended by the experts, is to apply a moisturizer to the affected area at night before going to bed. It’s as easy as dipping a Q-tip into a light oil like grape seed or even your index finger and rubbing it over your brow. Be sure not to get any into the eye! Moisturizing will help prevent more dryness from occurring.


#2: Shape’em Up – Tired of guessing how to shape up those eye brows? There’s a mobile app for that. As a matter of fact, there are quite a few apps out there that address this issue. These apps let you upload a picture so you can see what your perfect brows look like before heading to your local esthetician.



#3: Tinting or Dyeing – Feeling daunted about filling in those brows everyday.   Then you might be interested in giving brow tinting a try. This temporary dye will take to even the finest brow hairs, leaving behind eye-defining arches. Usually a color will last about 3 – 4 weeks, then start to slowly fade. We suggest having this process done at a professional salon.


#4: Extensions – Like there are salons for eyelash extensions, there are also salons which offer eye brow extensions. This is a process where individual hairs are glued to the brows to fill and shape. The cost can range between $170 a set and $60 for fillers. Brow extensions can last up to 3 weeks with careful face washing and the use of oil free products.


#5: Transplants – That’s right you can get your brows transplanted! This is a medical procedure where the hairs are taken from the back the patients head and inserted into pre-treated follicles on the brow. The object is that real hair growth will continue, even after the original transplant sheds. Typically, microscopic hairs are used, but newer procedures using longer hairs for transplanting make results immediately visible to patients and allow flexibility in placement. This procedure can run anywhere from $5000 – $7500 and the results are permanent.


Remember, like our eyelashes our brows are an important part of this beautiful form we call our body! Be sure to like us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram and tweet us on Twitter!


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