‘OH BABY!’ What’s Up With My Hair?

You’re so happy the day has finally arrived. Your little bundle of joy is here and you are just settling into mommy-hood. Then you take a look in the mirror and realize that the beautiful full head of hair you enjoyed for the last nine months is shedding at a shocking rate (and you’re not pulling it out). What to do?


First, don’t panic! During pregnancy, increased levels of estrogen halt the process of hair fallout and most of our hair goes into a resting phase of the hair cycle. This resting phase is called telogen and instead of falling out at the normal 70 – 100 strand per day count. Our hair stays on our head and we get the best volume ever, therefore bringing the rate of your hair fallout to a minimum during pregnancy which makes your hair look dense and thick.


Doctors say it’s common for most women to lose hair four to six months after baby delivery, because estrogen levels start to decline. Hair loss can be moderate (a few more strands in your brush) to severe (very noticeably thinning) and can persist up to a year and usually has to run it’s course. Hair texture might also change after pregnancy temporarily or even permanently.


Below we have listed a few home remedies that could help:


#1: Treat Deficiency – Keep taking those pre-natal vitamins, they give the scalp a boost of nutrients. Make sure to eat plenty of legumes and green leafy vegetables which contain B and C complex which will help in the reduction of hair fallout.

#2: Breast Feeding – If you’re breastfeeding some of your extra hair may hang on to your scalp until you wean or start to supplement with formula or solids.

#3: Avoid Chemicals & Styling Tools – Avoid putting chemicals on the hair. This can weaken the roots, which can add more problems. Stop using heating tools for styling your hair, try to let it dry naturally. This also causes weakness to the roots of the hair. Do not comb wet hair. If you want to do it, use wide toothed comb for wet hair to avoid additional hair fall.

#4: Massage – Regular massage of your scalp will increase the blood circulation and will also promote the hair growth. You can use lukewarm oil for gently massaging your scalp for at least for 5-10 mins. If you don’t want to use oil then just massage your hair with the tips of your fingers.

#5: Coconut – Coconut can be used in many forms to help halt hair fallout . Use of coconut milk on scalp can help reduce strand loss, you can also burn the hard shell of coconut to ashes, preserve these ashes into a jar and then add these ashes every time to the oil before massaging it in your scalp. Many cultures use this remedy regularly, and say that it makes strands darker, shinier and full of volume.

#6: Egg Mask – Make a hair mask by blending one egg white and two tablespoons of olive oil thoroughly. Apply it on your hair for about 30 minutes, then rinse off with lukewarm or cold water. The proteins in the egg help strengthen the roots.

#7: Hair Cut – this may be the perfect time to get that cute cut you’ve been wanting. You always have the option to grow it back.

#8: Go to the Doctor – Be sure to talk to your practitioner if your hair loss is excessive. When it’s accompanied with other symptoms, hair loss after pregnancy could be a sign of postpartum thyroiditis.


Just a few natural hair hints and tips from Green Hair Revolution!

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