Girl, I Gotta Get My Hair Done: The Rules of Salon Etiquette

Have you ever been at the Hair Salon, and another client comes in talking on their cell phone? Not just talking, but speaking loudly and obnoxiously! You think, how annoying! Well, that’s one of the rules of salon etiquette voted in the top 7 by stylist surveyed. Check out the top salon rules from stylist noted below:


Rule #1: Treat Your First Appointment Like it’s a First Date – The initial consultation plays a very vital part in the stylist/client relationship. This is when you can communicate your expectations and needs, and your stylist can communicate theirs. So be on time, and call if you will be late.


Rule #2: Leave Kids at the Playground – The Salon is not the babysitter! It is actually a health hazard to have children running around in the salon. With all the heated styling equipment, scissors and chemicals an unattended child could get easily injured. Did you know that if Sodium Hydroxide (perm solution) touches a persons skin , it can cause first – degree burns. A preventable major safety issue.


Rule #3: Time is Important  Fifteen minutes is the longest you should wait for service from your stylist. After that you either need to re-schedule or be referred to another stylist for service. The same goes for being on time for an appointment. If you know you are going to be over 10 minutes late, you should give your stylist a call to see if you need to re-schedule or if another stylist can assist you.


Rule # 4: Eat Somewhere Else  – It can be considered rude to eat a full course meal in front of other clients who don’t have anything. If you must eat while you are receiving your service, be discreet. Try a piece of fruit or a granola bar. Also don’t think because you are hungry your stylist has to stop working on your hair or wait until you have eaten!


Rule #5: Stay Cute, Keep that Cell Phone on Mute A salon is a personal space that provides personal services. So, treat it with respect and reverence, and don’t be loud and obnoxious on the phone. Think of it like a retreat, where people come to rejuvenate.


Rule #6: Pay the Fee – When you shop at Macy’s, Neiman Marcus, or even Target,  it is not usual that you try to barter. You simply pay what is on the price tag. So why would you expect a stylist to discount their services? Remember they are licensed professionals who have taken time to learn their craft.


Rule #7: Ask Before Plugging In – In today’s hi-tech world, people are always running out of power for their electronics. Before taking the liberty of plugging in your cell phone or iPad mini ask permission. To make the assumption that it is okay to use someone else’s electricity in their place of business is just plain rude.


We hope you find some of these rules helpful for your next Salon visit.

“It’s a Revolution don’t you know? A Green Hair Revolution!”

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