Beard Care for that Significant Other in Your Life

Ladies if you’re like me you’re loving the season of the Beard Baby!

Every where you look big beards are in, and very much of a fashion statement. But the good looks of a beard can be lost if you don’t take care of it. Treating facial hair with the same love and care as the hair on your head will keep it looking its best! Because a beard doesn’t take care of itself we have some tips below to help your significant other maintain his, and it’s oh so easy you can even help him.


Rule #1: To keep your beard fresh wash beard regularly with a mild shampoo or beard wash, soap can dry out your skin and facial hair.


Rule #2: After washing beard a mild conditioner can be used, but be sure to rinse thoroughly.


Rule #3: Pat beard dry gently with a soft towel (an old t-shirt works well).


Rule #4: Comb beard with wide tooth comb to remove tangles and keep knot free.


Rule #5: Apply beard oil regularly to keep beard tamed and feeling soft and fluffy.


We hope you find these hints and tips helpful.

“It’s a Revolution don’t you know? A Green Hair Revolution!”

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  1. If you still want to try and fight past genetics, all the power to you. One tip that some say helped is to take a low dosage aspirin every morning. The same way that people take it for heart health, scientists believe that it can actually cause hair growth. However, we recommend speaking with your doctor first.

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