To Brazilian Wax or not to Brazilian Wax, That is the Question?

::for the first timer::

The Brazilian bikini wax has been around since the late 80’s! It was first done in NYC by 7 sisters from the country of Brazil. Thus, the name Brazilian has remained and is still a very popular way of hair removal, at least in the US. The uniqueness in the Brazilian is that hair is removed in the front, back and everywhere in-between. Unlike a regular bikini wax where hair is just removed from the bikini line.


If you are going in for your first Brazilian we thought a few pointers, and a little about the process might help to calm your nerves:


#1: Before going in to get a Brazilian, make sure the hair is long enough (about 1/2 the tip of your index finger) for the wax to grab onto. You won’t be able to get it done if hair isn’t long enough.

#2: Brazilian waxes are performed in a private room and can take anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes. So don’t worry about being exposed to everything one in the building!

#3: You must remove everything from the waist down and procedure is done while lying down.

#4: Everything should be sanitary and your waxer should wear gloves and should never ever double dip the wooden waxing stick into the wax.

#5: During your appointment, first talcum powder is applied to the skin. This helps keep hot wax from sticking

#6: Next a wooden stick is dipped into hot wax pot and applied to hair and skin in the direction of hair growth.

#7: A cloth strip is applied over the still warm wax, and pressed firmly so hair, wax and cloth stick together. When the wax has cooled, your waxer will pull the strip off in the opposite direction of hair growth, pulling hairs out by the root (if this becomes too painful ask waxer to do smaller areas at a time).

#9: Once the front is complete you will be asked to turn over onto your stomach to remove the hairs from your buttocks. Yep, you got hair there too!

#10: When the waxing part is done, your waxer will usually tweeze any stray hair so everything looks clean. Then your waxer will spread oil or lotion over area to help sooth it.


A couple of little notes: Never be afraid to ask what is happening during the waxing process, it is the waxer’s job to be open and give info as needed. Tipping your waxer is like tipping your hairstylist (20%) or what you feel is appropriate. After waxing if you develop bumps, redness or ingrown hairs gently exfoliate area with body scrub, then smooth on cleanser or lotion with alpha hydroxy acid (which doesn’t sting). Brazilian bikini waxes usually last 3 – 6 weeks, then the hair will grow back…. and it’s time for your next appointment!


Just a few natural hair hints and tips from Green Hair Revolution!

“It’s a Revolution don’t you know? A Green Hair Revolution!”

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