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Hey everyone, Green Hair Revolution here with another Hints & Tips. This time we’re going to talk about our three favorite types of extensions: hair, lashes, and nails! I’m sure all of you out there have done at least one of these extensions if not all three. We will list the Home and Salon version along with the specifics of how each of them work, and then you be the judge of what works best for you.

  1. Eyelash Extensions
    1.  Home – over the counter maximum wear (various lengths) false eyelashes
    2. Salon – Xtreme lashes, single lashes glued onto your own
      • Specifics
        1. Home – About 25 minute application time (with makeup) with a 10 second removal time. Lasts 1 day and costs about $8.
        2. Salon – 2 hours application time with no removal time, because they fall out like natural lashes. Lasts about 6 weeks and costs about $350.
  2. Hair Extensions
    1. Home – clip on hair pieces, pony tails, various nylon hair, DIY (do it yourself) extension pieces.
    2. Salon – nylon micro integration bonded on human hair.
      • Specifics
        1. 5 – 10 minutes application time, with a a 10 second removal time.  Lasts one day (take out at night and reuse) and costs between $25 – $50.
        2. about a 4 hour application time with another 4 hour removal time. Lasts between 3 -4 months and costs about $500 – $3000 (depending on the kind of hair and the stylist)
  3. Nail Extensions
    1. Home – over the counter nails, press-on or glue-on
    2. Salon – acrylic nails, coverings placed over your own fingernail, permanent manicure, UV bonded gel nails
      • Specifics
        1. Home – about a 20 minute application time with a 1-2 minute removal time. Lasts one day and costs $3 – $10 dollars.
        2. 1 – 2 hour application time. To remove, grow them out and file them off (acrylic nails usually use a solvent). Lasts about 3 weeks and can have them filled in every few weeks to make nails longer. Cost is about $35 – $100.

There you have it. The scoop on all things lash, hair, and nail extensions. Now it’s up to you to make the decision if this is for you or not.

We hope you find these hints and tips helpful.

“It’s a Revolution don’t you know? A Green Hair Revolution!”

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