About Us

Sisters Clydia and Sherry began Green Hair Revolution as an outlet to discuss and share experiences pertaining to hair with other like minded hair enthusiasts. After many forums, meet up sessions, and on-line videos they realized that as a society many of our issues with hair were greater then what was on top of our heads.

At Green Hair Revolution we believe that be it on your body, face, or head, whether removed, replaced, relaxed, dyed, bound, loose, long, short, curly, straight, or synthetic; hair is essentially inscribed with meaning as a display of personal preference or dictated rules of conduct. Besides its symbolic importance, hair accounts for a global economy as both a commodity and the target of countless products. In 2015, the global hair-care market is forecast to have an amassed value of almost $58 billion, an increase of 18.3% since 2010.

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