Art of Hair 2017 Schedule

Art Of Hair 2017: Day of the Event Schedule

  • 11:50 am

1. Doors Open to Event

  • 12:00 pm (noon)

1. I am ConfiDance: w/ Sharee Shaunte’

2. Root of Things Panel: Women of Color, Stereotypes & the Business of Beauty: w/ commentator Fannie Roi and on our panel will be Ashlyn Peggins, Lajuana Dunbar, Mary Byrd, and Mayium Seymone.

**Love Lucine’s artwork will be on display throughout the day until 3:45 pm

  • 1:00 pm

1. Eye Make-up Artistry: w/ Angie Gibson

2. Braids, Beads & Beyond: w/ Mila Parrish

  • 2:00 pm

1. Trend Setters: Ladies Barbers on Stage: w/ commentator Cicely Dat Wright Barber and our barbers are Tavia Yoqulete, Brittani Cervantes

2. Mane Ingredients: Recipes from the Kitchen for Natural Hair: w/ Megan Yasu Davis

  • 3:00 pm

1. Maverick Step Team

2.  Guest: w/ Mrs. Angelica Sweeting Creator/Founder of Naturally Perfect Dolls

  • 4:00 pm

1. Hair/Fashion Show Extravaganza: come join us for the blowout to the end of the day! Here we will have a fashion show that showcases natural up-dos and Green Hair Revolution’s new apparel line that the everyday natural woman and man can wear to any occasion. Come and enjoy the show ladies and gents!

  • 4:45 pm

1. Guided Tour: Celebrating an Era: The Giants of Jazz: From the collection of the Kennedy Museum of Art, at the Ohio University, this exhibition of portraits of jazz legends by photographer Herman Leonard is a multi-sensory observation of the music, culture and mores of jazz society. Included in the exhibition are portraits of Louis Armstrong, Miles Davis, Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, Charlie Parker and Frank Sinatra

  • 5:00 pm

1. Event Ends & Doors Close

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