Vendor Info & Sign-Up

Vendor Info & Sign-Up

The Art of Hair would not be complete without the many diverse Vendors and Exhibitors who want to show off their amazing products, services, and talents! If you have a product or service that you believe would fit the event, please consider exhibiting on November 18th at the Art of Hair.

Exhibitor/Vendor booths are available for $100 each.

Please read the following Agreement carefully, then proceed to the Application page at the end of this agreement to sign up! By completing the Application, you agree to the terms stated herein.

1. Location and Dates: The Art of Hair (otherwise referred to as “the Event”) will be held at the Fort Wayne Museum of Art at 311 E Main Street in downtown Fort Wayne on November 18, 2017 from 12-5pm.

2. Set-up: Friday, November 17, 3:00-6:00pm and Saturday, November 18 10:00-11:00am. Tear down is Saturday November 18, 5:00-6:00pm. All displays must be removed by the Museum by 6pm on October 8! Vendor shall be liable for any expenses incurred in order to comply with this condition.

3. Payments: Exhibitor/Vendor shall complete the online Application form and full payment to secure exhibit/vendor space by November 10, 2017.

4. Cancellation and Refunds: Exhibitor/Vendor may only cancel a reservation or claim refunds upon an unexpected emergency which must be discussed with the Event coordinators. No refunds will be given for any reason to exhibitors/vendors who were present at the Event.

5. Vending and Exhibit Space Assignment: Space assignments shall be made by the Event coordinators. Space may only be reassigned at the discretion of the Event coordinators for the benefit of the Event or the majority of vendors. Any assignment or subletting by Vendor is prohibited, unless consent of Event coordinators is obtained. Event coordinators will provide a 6 foot long table, two chairs, and a table linens to all exhibitors and vendors.

6. Display Guidelines: Exhibitor/Vendor displays must not block a neighboring vendor. Displays must not exceed 4 feet high on either side of the table nor 8 feet high on the back of the display. Any sign or display exceeding four feet in height must be set back at least 5 feet from the aisle.

7. Exhibitor Conduct: All Exhibitors/Vendors, as well as any agents or employees of the Exhibitor/Vendor, will conduct themselves in a manner lending dignity to the Event. Event coordinators may, at their discretion, eject any Exhibitor/Vendor or any agent or employee of the vendor from the premises, and no refund will be give to the Exhibitor/Vendor under such circumstances. Appropriately controlled sound systems will be permissible, provided that the sound levels are not objectionable to other Exhibitors/Vendors. Event coordinators will be the final judge should any exhibitor/vendor conduct conflicts arise. Event coordinators reserve the right to determine which Exhibitors/Vendors and products are appropriate for inclusion in the event and may also refuse, cancel, or restrict any applicant or exhibit which Event coordinators consider inappropriate for any reason. Exhibitors/Vendors are not permitted to display or sell products banned under any City, State, or Federal laws.  All Exhibitors/Vendors are required to wear and display their identification tags at all times supplied by Event coordinators.

9. Liability: Exhibitors/Vendors are responsible for all damage to any property caused by exhibitor personnel. The Exhibitor/Vendor agrees that the Museum and its Event coordinators shall not be held liable for claims or other losses sustained by Exhibitors/Vendors, their employees, agents, or representatives resulting from Exhibitors’/Vendors’ occupancy of the space herein contracted for. The Museum and its Event coordinators shall not be held responsible for the loss or damage to displays or goods belonging to Exhibitors/Vendors, whether resulting from fire, storms, acts of God, theft, pilferage, mysterious disappearance, bomb threats, or any other cause. All such items are brought to the Event and displayed solely at Exhibitor’s/Vendor’s own risk and should therefore by safeguarded at all times. Vendors are encouraged to insure exhibit property against loss or theft. In the event that the Event is interrupted or canceled for any reason, the Museum and its Event coordinators may return a portion of the amount paid for space after deducting expenses incurred by the Museum in connection with the Event. Expenses shall include contracts with third parties, all out of pocket expenses incurred by the Museum and its Event coordinators incidental with the Event, and all overhead expenses of the Museum incidental to the Event.

10. Solicitation: Solicitation by non-vendors is prohibited. Vendors and representatives who have not been assigned exhibit space are prohibited from soliciting business in any form. Violators of this prohibition will be required to leave the Museum.

Once you have read the above Agreement carefully, and you wish to apply for an Exhibitor/Vendor booth, please proceed to the Application.

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